We are 100% owned, managed and operated
by Dental Hygienists

Many years ago, we started out as an award winning mobile dental hygiene clinic travelling all over the Greater Toronto Area bringing oral care to our clients. Our strength came from our desire and willingness to meet the unique circumstances and needs of each community and individual we served. Today, at Liberty Dental Hygiene, our clients travel to us, but we remain independently owned and our hygienists continue to bring that same desire and willingness to customize care to every client’s specific needs, preferences and expectations.

Your time is precious, and we respect that!

At Liberty Dental Hygiene, we value your time. Our stay-on-time policy ensures that your scheduled time is your appointment time. You will be treated promptly upon arrival and have your appointment completed without delay.

You know what you want, and that's OK!

At Liberty Dental Hygiene, we respect your freedom to make informed choices & select treatment according to your personal needs, limits, and expectations. After your initial complimentary dental hygiene exam, whether you choose a dental scaling, a dental polishing, or teeth whitening, the choice is up to you!

Your life is busy, and we know it!

At Liberty Dental Hygiene, we understand life is busy, and sometimes, you just can’t commit to an appointment weeks or months ahead of time. With our extended hours and open booking, there is no wait-list and you’ll get to see our dental hygienist at a time that is convenient for you.

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About our Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist Lillian Yee

I am a dental hygienist registered with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO). My relevant educational background includes an Associate of Applied Science (dental hygiene) and a Bachelor of Science (psychology).

I began my career working in general family dentistry and in dental clinics specializing in the treatment of gum disease. I had the good fortune of working along-side many dentists, dental hygienists and other oral care professionals who were exceptionally passionate and skilled practitioners. It was under the mentorship of these dedicated professionals, that I developed and honed my clinical skills and knowledge.

I then moved my practice away from the traditional dentist’s clinic toward a novel and exciting way of providing oral health care known as “independent dental hygiene”. With this new way of practice, came the ability for dental hygienists to provide key components of the dental hygiene appointment without prior authorization from a dentist; essentially, hygienists were now free to work independent of the dentist. This brought vast new possibilities for the profession of dental hygiene, and more importantly, improved choice and access to oral health and dental care for the client.

I eventually created a mobile dental hygiene clinic travelling to individuals and families facing social & economic, physical & developmental or psychological & emotional barriers to treatment at the dental office. I met some of the most resilient and amazing people who taught me invaluable life-lessons in cultivating human compassion, acceptance, gratitude and how to truly listen and gain knowledge from each other. I learned how embracing these qualities in my practice enriched the clinical experience for both myself and my clients.

My latest venture is the establishment of an independent dental hygiene clinic in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village. At Liberty Dental Hygiene, I continue to make it my goal to customize your care and meet your specific needs, preferences and expectations at every single appointment. And Oh Yes! Let’s not forget all those invaluable life-lessons…

I hope to give you a great experience,

Lillian Yee, BSc, RDH

60 Atlantic Avenue, Unit 241, Toronto